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Chris Bates Interview Part 2
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  Do You Think Governments Understand Bitcoin? The irony is politicians make a lot of decisions on a host of pressing issues. The system doesn’t allow them to become specialists and they’re forced... Read More

Confessions of an Anonymous Altcoin Trader
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This week I had the chance to sit down and speak with an anonymous trader in alternative currencies (altcoins).  Alternative currencies, for those who don’t know, are all digital currencies other than bitcoin. ... Read More

Why Musicians Need a Blockchain Solution
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Recently, I had the chance to watch a great mini-series chronicling the lives and careers of the members of the music group New Edition.  It was a harsh reality about how the music... Read More

Weekly News for December 9th
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U.S. Opens Investigation Into External Online Interference The Theranos Saga Continues… Daily Motion Accounts Hacked Uber’s Post-Ride Tracking ICO Investing Tips BitGive Read More